Congrats to the UFC champion Kamaru Usman. YOUR VICTORY WAS SWEET.


1. You don’t need to be loved by ALL to have your name in the HALL OF CHAMPIONS. Other people’s opinion doesn’t have to be your lexicon.

2. Stay with the fundamentals despite the rush and emotions. The fundamentals are the most important building blocks of success.

3. Keep it simple. Simplicity is powerful. Complication isn’t genius.

4. Being predictable is a personal weakness. Keep evolving. In the words of @toluafonja EVOLVE TO THRIVE.

5. Let your OPPONENTS, CHALLENGES, COMPETITORS and HATERS bring the BEST not BEAST out of YOU. Anger is an emotion and emotions are amoral.. What you do with anger matter.

6. Respect is not DEMANDED from others. It is earned through WHO YOU BECOME and WHAT YOU DO.

7. Self discovery is the genesis of self deployment. Kamoru said “I am still discovering myself” SELF JOURNEY is a never ending distance between who you were, who you are and who you will become.

8. Listen to your coach. Coaches don’t answer your questions. They help you find your answers.

9. DO IT NERVOUS. DO IT AFRAID. Being afraid or nervous isn’t a ticket to retreating or surrendering. Courage isn’t the absence of fear 😱. Do it afraid.

10. Family is key. After the hall is EMPTY when everyone has gotten home safely, you will be left alone with the people who know you without the belt. Don’t sacrifice your family on the altar of success.

11. Never disrepect your opponents. It is the beginning of complacency. Respect your adversaries but don’t dignify them with a reaction. Rather act on your strategy.

12. Strategise in the secret… Execute in the ring. Stay through to the strategy but know when what used to work isn’t working. Then go back to the drawing table.

Which of the 12 inspires you more?

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